Quantum Healing


Before you make an appointment, please be aware that the site you are going to (TimeTap.com) is having a couple of temporary issues. If you get an error message during the process, please check your email account. The booking will have been made successfully if you have recieved an email from noreply@timetap.com (check your spam mail folder).

Another way of checking is to reload the page, and the time slot you were booking will no longer be there.

This is a free (for you) booking service and no money details are ever asked for.

If you have recieved an error message and have made a successful booking, please contact me by phone/ text/ or email to confirm your booking as I want to be absolutely sure I also have a record of it.

Very sorry for the inconvenience, I'm 'in discussion' with the company about it.

This is a free booking service. You will not be charged.

Use it to book a 20 minute time slot or a 45 - 90 minute timeslot.