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Quantum Energy Healing 101 - Training

A beginners guide to multi level energy healing,

being connected, belief work and honouring boundaries

The next one runs from JANUARY 2024

6 weeks

This course is for you if you're energy sensitive and you want to learn to switch it on and off.

You will be able to use energy healing with the people you care about.

You will learn an extra skill-set to add to your current healing modality if you have one.

Whether you've worked with me before and want to learn to do a bit of it yourself, or you're completely new, this course is definitely for you.

The Course

6 live zoom classes and a downloadable 5 part lesson book. Plus an additional 5 pre-recorded course lessons on basic Quantum Energy healing.

In week 1 you will familiarise yourself with the lessons.

Weeks 2-6 are weekly, live online classes, where you can ask questions, receive attunements to awaken new possibilities, learn, and practice your new skills.

The online meetings are opportunities to give and receive healing and you will be offered attunements to further your practice.

You'll have:

  • A firm foundation in basic energy healing techniques
  • Online group support.
  • 6 weeks of unlimited online support from me.
  • The opportunity to have an accountability partner.
  • BONUS audio lessons included.
  • Plus ongoing Alumni group support and continued access to me through email

Even if you have no plans to go into this line of work, this course will be useful. You will work on identifying and moving through your own issues and blocks. This will inform your future self work and give you insights of self growth and development.

Start Date, January 2024

8 spaces available

Course curriculum

We will cover:

Safe, deep connection

Applied Kinesiology


Communication with higher self and guides

A beginners guide to energy scanning on 4 levels

Identifying and removing beliefs

and a beginners guide to identifying and removing invasive energies

Over to the alumni

Artboard 1

I felt I opened up, I’m not sure how else to explain it. But a part of me felt like it could finally breathe and that everything made more sense. 

Artboard 1

This has given me the tools to centre myself and to ask myself the questions which could be standing in my way and how to check in with what is happening and where I am at.

Artboard 1

I feel this course has allowed me to practice trusting my feelings and listen to what's going on inside of me.

Artboard 1

This has opened for me the door to a new world of perceiving and understanding my experiences.

Artboard 1

I opened myself to experiencing and trusting what I do not understand and allowed greater powers into my life. Suddenly I was allowed to communicate with beings that had always seemed out of reach, ask for what I needed, and be given. 

Artboard 1

I feel the tools have given me perspective, understanding and opportunity to work with myself on a deeper level.

Artboard 1

I gained confidence in my own reception of changes that occur and trust that what I'm doing serves the good.

Artboard 1

I really benefited from your guidance and with your great personality you made me feel safe to explore. 

Artboard 1

I'm becoming more aware of my own energy and some other people's and animals.

Full Pay - Best Savings

A one off fee that covers the training entirely

3 part payment plan

per month for 3 months
Spread the payments over 3 months.