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moon reflected on lake
Grief can be caused from any sort of trauma involving loss, from loss of a loved one to loss of an ideal or dream. It affects us all differently and it is impossible and wrong to judge one persons grief as more valid than another's.Grief is a natural...
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Smoke rising
Stored Anger
We tend to think that anger dulls our awareness, but the opposite is true. Anger actually increases sensory awareness in the moment when we believe we are in danger.Anger is an emotional response to a perceived threat, part of your bodies way of gett...
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The Passive Experience
Anger can be both harmful and destructive, or helpful, and the fuel for protest, and social justice change. It depends on how well you express and then let go of it.Many, many of us really struggle to acknowledge that we have anger, mainly because it...
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Normalising Anger
We don't all agree that anger can be both harmful and helpful so I'm going to make my case.Anger is a normal response to threat and injustice, real and perceived.Useful, functioning anger will increase awareness of your surroundings. It will make you...
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