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Release The Rage was an Event held in 2023

For people who want to let go of anger, without feeling angry.

Release the Rage was an introduction to my way of working with Anger, and a way for me to introduce The Anger Free Programme.

The Replay

This was a 90 minute zoom call with the theme of: Healing Some Of The Wounds That Prevent You Fully Discharging Anger.

I've broken the replay into shorter parts. so you can easily try some of the techniques for yourself. You can watch some of them here.

Dip in where you feel drawn, there's no need to watch them all and definitely not in order.

6 Steps to Freedom from Anger

These steps are not linear. They are phases that you can expect to pass through on the way towards Freedom from Anger.

This serves as a synopsis of the work we will do together on the Anger Free Programme.

++ Address beliefs around anger and your understanding of the role it plays in your life

++ Learn and develop tools to metabolise emotion as it comes up

++ Acknowledge old anger with safety and learn to recognise the early signs of anger before it rises

++ Getting to peace with the core of anger

++ Understand your coping mechanisms, what they are, why they work, and why they don't

++ Finding other ways. For some, anger has become an identity, and living without it feels vulnerable. You will need support as you re-discover yourself.

Useful Tools

Useful Tools ↓

Questions and Enquiry - a useful working model to help move you forward

Follow along with this exercise and use it as a tool to gain insight and understanding of the stories you surround yourself with.

Start by choosing a specific situation. Write the answers to the questions below.

Identify an issue you want to work on using these questions. You don't need to spend time on it, use whatever comes up first. It's o.k. to be outrageous.

If it's your first time using this enquiry model, definitely choose a mild situation, rather than something that makes you seethe.

When you're done, follow along with the video.

  • Who or what upset you?
  • Think of a specific situation.
  • In that situation, how do you want to the upsetting thing or person to change?
  • In that situation, what advice do you want to give them?
  • In order for you to be happy, what do you need then to think, feel, do or say?
  • What do you think of them in this situation?
  • What is it about this situation that you don't ever want to experience again?

Some techniques to help discharge tension in the moment.

During this segment we used a couple of techniques to effectively discharge any tension that came up during the event.

To Join in, focus on one of your answers to the questions above. Choose one that has produced an emotional response, and join in with the process as you watch.

There are several techniques used here and through this segment I work in response to the people on the call. This is somewhat, but not entirely, like the way I work 1:1 with clients.

Although it's tempting to skip during the pauses, to get the most from the replay, it's far better to keep active focus on the physical and on the enquiry for the duration.

This gives you opportunity to release what you are holding.

Using the tools ↑

When you've chosen your specific issue, use a 1-10 scale to rate your anger level with 1 being low and 10 being high. Ask yourself again at the end.

It's my intention that watching the replay, your emotional connection to the thing that triggers your anger decreases over our time together, as it did for those on the live call.

As you follow along, be prepared for Energy healing release which is mainly felt through yawning, deep breathing and muscle relaxing or a sense of lightness, though bring a hanky, just in-case.

Enquiry - a tool

One of the tools used above, to investigate some of our thinking, is the enquiry model: The Work by Byron Katie You can explore this in depth at

Anger Free

Having problematic anger prevents us communicating and connecting with family. It stops us from focusing, from being compassionate. It prevents us working out solutions, and from feeling in control of ourselves. It limits our sense of empowerment and diminishes our integrity.

Anger Free is my 8 part programme designed to remove you from frustration and sadness of anger, and anxiety.

Anger is a normal response to threat and injustice, real and perceived, but becomes a huge problem when we are unable to release it completely. Unless it is fully metabolised it hangs around in the body increasing heart rate and blood pressure, escaping out only as volatile outbursts or petty, mean comments.

Use the techniques in the recordings to help you take the first, baby step towards anger freedom. Being anger free means also being free of old sadness, frustration, and sense of being powerless. What would life feel like if you were less angry?

Some of you are going to hold passive anger and some of you are going to feel your anger. It all has the same effect on your body long-term.

We'll look at de-mystifying anger, it's physical effects and uses, and then we'll get on to the really good bit.

I'm not about controlling anger. I believe that with the right support you can put it down and walk away.

If you're to put down the guilt and sadness, ready to stop managing your anger and to feel free from it, this is going to be a fantastic place and time to begin.

What is the Anger Free Programme

We'll work together 1:1 over 8 sessions on video call.

We'll cover:

+ Beliefs around anger and your understanding of their affect on you

+ I'll provide you with techniques to metabolise emotion as it arises and help you develop your own set of tools

+ Acknowledging anger with safety - learning to recognise the early signs of anger before it rises.

+ Getting to peace with the core of your anger

+ Understanding your coping mechanisms from the inside

+ Finding other ways, providing you with as much support through this as you need

My Guarantee

There is no quick fix for working with anger, and I'm not promising that you'll be done in 8 appointments. However I can guarantee that after 8 sessions you WILL feel an improvement.

In fact, if after 3 appointments you feel there is no change, I will refund you the first two sessions. Meaning you've only spent £75

Anger Free Programme

Full Pay Anger Free

8 appointments to create Freedom From Anger



Signs that things are getting better

These would be: Less frightened,

Feeling focused with big picture thinking,

Feeling in control,

Treating others well rather than blaming them,

Having a more proportionate level of anger,

Better decisions,

Better boundaries,

More connection,

More compassion,


and More emotional availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Healing Work?

I focus on results first. I have a range of super effective tools that I use to help my clients achieve their goals. During a session we will be focused on events and situations that have influenced your behaviours and beliefs. We will also look into those beliefs.

We will use a blend of Quantum Energy healing, CBT, NLP, coaching, and other energy techniques.

How do payment plans work?

I'm happy to be super flexible. Weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, in 2 halves, full pay. Let me know your needs and I'll invoice you accordingly.

I can use Stripe, Paypal, bank transfer or old fashioned cash if you live locally, and you really want to.

Unfortunately I do have to add the fees to process some digital transactions so they work out a little more.

My issue with anger is that I find it hard to be around angry people, can this help?

Absolutely yes. We will focus on what you identify as your biggest issue.

I take medication for my anger, will this get me off my meds?

I am not a doctor, and am not comfortable with interfering with medical practices.

Do I need to have my camera on?

No, If you prefer audio only then that's absolutely fine.

How often will we meet?

Generally, I recommend weekly, though some may prefer to work more intensively, meeting twice a week, or more gently, every other week. We will work out what is most effective for you and your situation.

Your 8 sessions could be done in as little as one month.

What past monthly event attendees are saying

Artboard 1

I can't really connect with the way I was feeling any-more. All I can connect with now is joy and playfulness

Artboard 1

I'm having to look for the feeling, it's more like I have a memory of it

Artboard 1

I've got a lot of insight which is really interesting. It's sitting and landing with me.

Artboard 1

I've relaxed a lot, my tension is gone

Bonus bit on Boundaries

This bonus section is much more in the style of my usual way of working, I also include an explanation into my working process.

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