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Opening To Love. Safely - The recording

A recorded, energy healing event to heal some of the wounds that decrease capacity for holding, giving and receiving love.


It's such a loaded word and means different things to each of us.

For me, Love is a universal energy. It flows through pretty much everything and allowing that flow, or not, impacts our self image, what we're able to receive and what we can give. It isn't limited to emotions. It affects everything.

Our capacity to hold love isn't only in relation to each other.

Fundamentally, having a low capacity to hold love affects our own Self Image, Self Worth, love of the self and that goes on to impact on world view, what we allow for ourselves and treatment of others.

Feeling uncomfortable accepting compliments, is a symptom of a low capacity for holding love.

As is:

Feeling out of place

Harsh self criticism and inner language

Being quick to anger

Cynicism about a lot of things

Mainly expressing only what you think people want to hear

and not allowing yourself to dream big

Practical Healing

I worked together with this group to :Heal Some Of The Wounds That Decrease Capacity For Holding Love.

I talked about 4 hidden motivations behind self worth issues and asked 3 questions before beginning release work and a base chakra activation

Listen along as though you were there, join in with the exercise and answer the questions for yourself, then relax into the energy work.

As a listener, be prepared for Energy healing release which is mainly felt through yawning, deep breathing and muscle relaxing or a sense of lightness, though bring a hanky, just in-case.

Please have a drink of water handy and something to write with.

On the Call

We focused on the physical experience of the heart space.

We looked at identity and who we allow ourselves to be.

We worked to ease some of the rules that have kept our idea of self uncomfortably small.

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