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Move on and Thrive- This Autumn

Being self employed can be a little lonely and isolated at times.

This group is for individuals and businesses looking for support to make an impact, but who maybe feel they lack structure and are feeling a little overwhelmed.

Perhaps you're feeling snowed under and working long hours without much free time, you're worried about where you're going to get the energy to keep going alone and that's scary.  

Join this group if you want a Supportive Community, A Knowledgeable Mentor, and a Spiritual, Holistically Focused environment to thrive in.

This could be for you:

  • if you want to create a step by step plan of action made just for you,
  • if you want to build skills for the long term,
  • if you understand that your goal is possible and needs a bunch of upfront work to achieve,
  • if you're willing to focus in on one niche area for the 6 months
  • if you're ready to spend up to 6 hours a week
  • if you're coachable and will willingly receive candid feedback
  • If you're sick of gross, heavy handed, and selfish tactics

In addition to guidance, support, mentoring, and templates, I will share all I have learnt that makes keeping yourself motivated a simple and joyful experience, even if you're neuro divergent.

Starting October 2024

  • If you've reached a point where you have ideas, but not the energy or know-how to move them forward;
  • If you've tried a few things to effect change but can't work out why they don't seem to work;
  • Maybe you feel stuck because you have too many options, and too much going on;
  • maybe you got into this to carve a different lifestyle and so far it's just more of the same.

  • You're creative with so many ideas but the thought of chaining yourself to the machine is killing you,
  • The worry about money is always hanging around you and it's beginning to colour everything.
  • You don't really have people who you can talk to who Get It,
  • Or action is difficult because you worry about hurting peoples feelings or being judged.

Then we're here to support you.

What's Involved

This is a small-group programme for between 6-10 people.

We'll meet weekly, online for 24 weeks. We'll talk, listen, share and build a toolkit of resources so that you always feel supported.

And because I'm an energy healer first, we'll work to clear limiting beliefs that are keeping you small, making you feel stuck, and preventing you from making the changes you want.

You'll uncover your WHY and use it to create positive action, even in a crisis, and hold strong, healthy boundaries. 

You'll have access to my library of practical, and proven strategies, ensuring that what you offer is what people want, and that you put your offer in the places where it will be seen.

The coaching is structured to encourage you to work towards the top end of your comfort zone and never out of it.

Finding balance, flow and a trust of your own power and resources is the first priority and everything else grows from that.

Over the 6 months you will:

  • Learn to see the big picture overview so that you understand how and why things haven't been working
  • Create mental clarity and understanding of your needs and processes, including the hidden ones
  • Use, test and refine systems that work for you to make the best use of your time and resources
  • Begin to move forward in ways that feel aligned with you personally, taking solid action 
  • Gain confidence in your skills, intuition and abilities
  • Be assisted to find your own answers, so that going forward you have all the tools you need 
  • Create at least one course or programme to offer to your audience
  • Keep in motion, with the conviction of knowing what to do next and being able to easily choose between your options
  • Develop, and start using a sustainable action plan
  • Market clearly to your tribe
  • Maintain positive change in your work
  • Feel Supported, celebrated and witnessed
  • Get comfortable with creating valuable content, regularly
  • Get comfortable with earning more
  • Take back control and laugh more

Nature Close up of plant

There will be 3 group meetings and a Mastermind each month, over 6 months.

You will have optional support, exercises, reading and videos, available in-between meetings. 

Together you will form a really supportive group to help keep you energised and focused.

Mastermind topics are group led but will include:

  • "Manifestation" - actually making things happen and getting results
  • Boundaries - holding and respecting your own first
  • and Power


-To ensure you hunker down on meeting your goals whether personal or professional, I'm adding regular 1:1 sessions with me.

-I'm adding a business health check where together we will look at the way you speak and write about your offerings, your online, and paper footprint, and uncover blocks to getting noticed by your tribe.

AND you'll have free access to any ongoing monthly healing events.

Course curriculum

Month by Month

Month 1


Setting Goals and Intentions

Clarify Vision and Direction

Understanding the Self, values and motivation

Emotional Awareness

Remove Blocks to Clarity and Acceptance 

Productivity and Planning 

Happy Place

Habits and Triggers

Hidden Patterns

Unpicking Resistance

Month 2

Strategy Planning that really works for you

A unique to you Action Plan

Fears and Confidence issues.

Making it safe to be seen

More time unpicking resistance and openness

Marketing free from Sleaze

Energetic Boundaries

Environment Goals

Thinking Models

Month 3

3 Month Action and Goal Review

Advertising from Within

Being OK with Celebrating.

Increasing Resilience

Beliefs around Power, strength and owning your space.

Building Support and a Supportive Environment

Accepting Help

Month 4

Action and Goal review

Assessing Daily habits 

Advertising from Within

Tech without Tension

Working with fear

Month 5

Further building on skills for your toolkit.

Speaking out and being Heard

Being safe with Emotions

Loose ends 

Beliefs around Power

Building Support

Accepting Help

Month 6

Reviewing and Celebrating

Being OK with celebrating

Future planning,

Looking ahead from a place of strength.

What's Included:

  • 24 weekly group coaching video calls (£720)
  • More than 20 hours supplementary work to be completed in-between sessions (£300)
  • Personalised feedback
  • 6 months of Unlimited online coaching support (£330)
  • Monthly Mastermind (£120)


Bi-monthly 1:1 coaching support from me (£450)

Ongoing Group Support

TOTAL £1925

For just £800

Choose a pricing plan

4 week trial

A non refundable deposit that allows you to trial the group for 4 weeks. If you're not thrilled with it after 4 weeks you can leave, hassle free and no further commitment.
If you're loving it you can choose to pay the remaining £663 as a lump sum or in installments.
Chat with Catherine to agree the best option for you.

Early Bird Best Savings

Instalments are available, chat with Catherine to agree on something that works for you.

4 Week Guarantee

If by the end of week 4, you are not completely happy with the programme, then we will rip up your contract and refund you the remaining 20 weeks if pre-paid.

In the first 4 weeks you will:

Evaluate your position and be given the tools to have a deeper understanding of your motivations and limits.

Clarify your Vision and direction to achieve progress.

Be supported to feel into the truth of what your greater purpose might be.

Take part in a Mastermind on Manifesting.

This will give you the bones of change so that even if you decide to stop here you will have seen personal progress in the 4 weeks.

Want another no-risk free taster?

Contact Catherine to Register Your Interest

This is a chance to work with me in a group setting similar to the Move On And Thrive format

Testimonials from the first Move On and Thrive group

Artboard 1

I'm more confident with social media, it's really helped to talk about it and how to make it work for work.

Artboard 1

Even more than the business aspect, it's brought my heart and soul back into it.

Artboard 1

 I feel confident that if I put the work in I can create events that sell out. That means my capacity to earn money when I need to is endless. I feel really self-reliant and it's amazing. I feel like I'm able to just make connections.

Artboard 1

I've felt a lot more creativity and more ideas popping. I had felt stymied doing the same old same old, and didn't know how to get out of it.

Artboard 1

I feel more supported to try new things

Artboard 1

I have more pace, self care, and recognition of when it's needed and What is needed. I've learnt what works for me and I'm breaking out of those lines that people call self care, that don't quite work for me.

Artboard 1

I understand my saboteurs more. I was really good at ignoring them. I was feeling blocked in lots of ways, from my own things.

Artboard 1

There's no judgement here. I feel I can be myself.

Artboard 1

I've had support through this massive transition, it's just been huge.

Artboard 1

 I came hoping for ideas to move forward and clarity and regular check-ins. Knowing there is a thing to go to regularly has been like scaffold to me. So much has happened in 6 months.

Artboard 1

I'm always full of thoughts and mulling things over and then when I come to the group it all just lands.

Artboard 1

I definitely feel this 6 months with Catherine supported my flow and moving forward in my business, and the best thing about it is that Catherine is such a delightfully gentle and loving soul, that each week felt like an enjoyable get-together. Very relaxed and yet with a very clear focus. This really worked for me and the value I’ve gained from it makes me hopeful for movement in other areas of my life.

Artboard 1

I've been able to release some of the stories that were holding me back and I have a new perspective on running a conscious business and making it work financially for me

Artboard 1

I've got more ability with lateral thinking. I thought I was doing quite good with it but now I realise I've levelled up.  

Artboard 1

these weekly sessions allowed me to stay in alignment with my evolving business vision and not give up or lose faith.

Artboard 1

Now I feel I've got enough of a client base / community and It's grown a bit here and in other locations. It's looking quite good I think.

Artboard 1

I had thought that 6 months seemed like a really long time to commit and it has flown by. The weekly 1 ½ hr check-ins became embedded within the rhythm of my week and a really valuable anchor over the fullness of my spring and summer.

Artboard 1

It was a breath of fresh air to have a regular ongoing space to give focus to my business efforts, rather than it just being an internal dialogue, which can run the risk of churning and cycling of ideas and fears when unvoiced.

Most Asked Questions

Catherine Whyte

Navigating the transformation from being on the edge, to properly thriving has been my obsession for several years now. After pushing myself right to the brink, I dedicated myself to re-writing everything I knew about adulting, responsibility, organisation, boundaries and success.

Now, from my thriving and abundant resting place, I'm excited to share everything I've learnt along the way.

I walk my talk and am constantly re-evaluating and improving my methods and information.

I've been qualified and serving clients as a Quantum Energy healer since 2014. I'm CBT certified and NLP trained and I am a certified Inner Game for Success coach.

Last Words

If you want to honour your chosen way of life.

If you want to rebalance out the time you spend working, with family commitments, and the time spent running the business.

If you want your skills to give you the freedom, income and lifestyle you really want, and you want to grow a supportive and loving community,

THIS is where you'll find it.