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Sleep- The Recording. Improving healthy sleep behaviours

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We all know how important sleep is
It seems that pretty much everything can be improved with good sleep.

Vitality, general health, body mass, memory and the list goes on.

We've all had experience of some form of sleep issue in our lives.

Going to bed exhausted only to lie awake for what feels like hours, waking frequently, Sleeping so lightly or deeply that we wake shattered, the 2-4am night vigil. And what about the staying awake later than necessary, just to get some personal time.

Medical types separate insomnia into Primary (the great unknown) and Secondary (resulting from life events and meds et,c)

Whichever you have, it all sucks.

This 2 hour healing event tackles and aides the release of the physical and emotional holding, linked with sleep deprivation and its causes.

Listen to this recording and leave the session with a sense of resolution and empowerment, clarity of your individual situation and an increased lightness of spirit. Obviously I also intend for your general sleep to improve, and have already had some very positive feedback.

It is my belief that the body and the mind know how to maintain balance as long as they are not thrown out of balance by dis-ease, stress and emotional turmoil.

I worked together with this group to unearth the roots underpinning the issues, to address them and restore inner balance; reinforcing it gently, yet profoundly, with changed behaviour and core beliefs.

Listen along as though you were there, join in with the exercises.
As a listener, be prepared for Energy healing release which is mainly felt through yawning, deep breathing and muscle relaxing or a sense of lightness, though bring a hanky, just in-case.

Please have a drink of water handy and something to write with.
You will get a MP3 (45MB) file