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I work primarily 1:1 or with groups. Below are my courses and work-through-at-your-own-pace resources of Courses, Recordings, and Downloads

Treating the Symptoms of Anger

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All Resources

Anger Free - with useful Tools/ Techniques from the Release the Rage Replay

Prevent Burn-Out


Audio Recording. Focus on your embodied feelings

Sleep- The Recording. Improving healthy sleep behaviours


Opening to Love, The Recording

Move On and Thrive, Holistic Support Group for Self Employed Folk

About Catherine

I'm Catherine Whyte and I help people to identify and move through issues caused by family anger.

Whether you've grown in a volatile environment or are new to it, the problems that un-metabolised anger makes, are broad reaching and deeply cut.

My clients are from all sides of the anger spectrum. Some have been damaged through growing up with angry parents, some are themselves struggling with anger and some have problems with passive anger or passive aggression.

Many feel stretched between their responsibilities, are in danger of burnout and don't know how to make things better.

I help clients navigate through family anger issues, giving support through the process and out the other side.

This work is intense and deep reaching but also joyful as you begin to realise that you are less reactive,and more relaxed. This is not simply anger management, this is a process of identifying the deep causes of anger and healing the hurt from there.

Contact me to book an Anger Free call assessment, where we'll identify your biggest issue and highlight any areas where you can make immediate improvement.

Navigating the transformation from being on the edge, to properly thriving has been my obsession for several years now. After pushing myself right to the brink, I dedicated myself to re-writing everything I knew about emotions, responsibility, organisation, boundaries and success.

Now, from my thriving and abundant resting place, I'm excited to share everything I've learnt along the way.

First and foremost, I am an energy healer. I continue to work 1:1 and in groups helping clients to resolve their issues and I can't see that changing.

I've been qualified and serving clients as a Quantum Energy healer since 2014. I'm CBT certified and NLP trained and I'm a certified Inner Game for Success coach.

Certified Natural Therapist with IICT Membership

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What people are saying

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"Thank you Catherine, for such a touching phone session, you were very kind to explain everything so clearly as I was amazed at what you could do at the end of a phone! Your insight into my problems was surprisingly spot on and it was really inspirational to learn how you manage to see all of that from a few towns away! Also the healing you gave me felt incredible despite me feeling quite anxious about letting my self be open. I read that there would be lots of laughter which I wasn't sure I believed..but you were right there was lots! I was taken aback by your intuitive gifts and ability to identify and heal things. It's nice as I'm not always able to make appointments when I'm unwell that we can have sessions over the phone! It really works just as well as being in a room with you..I'm still amazed by that. I'm really grateful for our session today it was better than anything I could of imagined. I'm looking forward to booking another session in the future and also to speaking with you again, as you were so warm and reassuring it was lovely, thank you"

-K Berry

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“Catherine, I have been trying to sum up in words what I think of my first session with you, and it has been really difficult. The experience is so far from anything I have tried before, and I have tried various kinds of healing, coaching and counselling. Two words come to mind, incredible and amazing. I feel that some very old thought patterns have shifted, I relate to challenges in a different way, and it feels like I have had a chance to meet a very old and less complicated me that I have missed a lot who quicker comes back to joy and clarity.

Thank you so much.”

- T Landy

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“I just wanted to let you know how deeply grateful I am to you. I didn't really know what to expect when I contacted you and I certainly didn't expect this. I've been stuck in this angry cycle for so long and it seems to have lifted. Every single day for as long as I can remember, I was getting angry and frustrated, saying things I regretted, behaving in a way I didn't want to as a parent, and since I spoke to you this hasn't happened once. It's not like I'm holding anger back and managing to behave better, its just not coming. I can't tell you what a relief this is. I am humbled and astounded by this. Thank you so much. I would really like to work with you again.”

— KM

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“Catherine is clearly a very talented energy therapist, who took 2 sessions to reduce a serious neck injury down to something where the pain was minor and I could work full-time again.”

— Imogen Caterer

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I have found this amazing healer to help with my quality of life. Catherine is a very professional and warm person. Every time I have an appointment with her I feel more balanced and free person. I had a pain in my left shoulder that has gone. Very good. She is lovely and I love her approach. Everybody should try. Thank you Catherine I will be again with you next month. XXX 

— Luisa Vaz